Adolescent Workers: Prevention of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses


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Occuptationl Fatalities Amoung Young Workers In The United States: 2001-2012

  • GENDER DIFFERENCES: 15 to 17 year old males experienced a significantly higher fatality rate compared to females.5
  • ETHNIC DIFFERENCES: Foreign-born youth, the majority of whom come from Mexico and Central America, were at the greatest risk of suffering an occupational fatality when compared to those born in the US.5
  • Transportation incidents and vehicles are the number one event/exposure and source, respectively, of fatal injury to teens.5

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5. Rauscher, K. J. and Myers, D. J. (2016), Occupational fatalities among young workers in the United States: 2001–2012. Am. J. Ind. Med., 59: 445–452. doi:10.1002/ajim.22581

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