Commitment to Workplace Safety as High Priority and Through Role Modeling

  • Demonstrate HRO principles that underscore a safe environment of care:
    • HROs have systems in place that proactively accomplish their goal of avoiding long shift hours that can lead to patient and worker injuries.
    • HROs are committed to worker safety and open communication, avoiding events in a blame-free environment where workers may report incidents without fear of reprisals (The Joint Commission, 2021).
  • Demonstrate knowledge about safe patient handling and mobility and its value to maintaining a safe working environment.
  • Invest in technology and resources that replace unsafe practices with safe practices (e.g., ceiling lifts and floor-based and air lateral transfer devices).
  • Communicate and model safety from the top down such as nurse executives and facility safety managers ensuring staff accountability for supporting a safe environment of care.
  • Utilize the input of staff and their experiences with best practices such as with respiratory protection and sharps handling [Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 2013].
Page last reviewed: April 28, 2022