Overlap of Patient and Worker Safety – Joint Benefits of Safety Culture

  • A safer environment for patients is a safer environment for workers and vice versa because both are tied to many of the same underlying cultural and systemic issues.
  • A report from The Joint Commission found that workers were more likely to adhere to standard precautions when they felt that their facility had a strong commitment to safety and implemented targeted interventions to improve employee health and safety (i.e., a strong safety culture).
  • Workers who practice safely will be better able to provide error-free care to patients.
  • Hazards to workers because of lapses in infection prevention and control, fatigue, or faulty equipment may result in injury or illness to workers, patients, and others in the institution (DiCuccio, 2015; TJC, 2017; AHRQ, 2019; Bureau of labor Statistics, 2019; TJC, 2021).
Page last reviewed: April 28, 2022