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Safety Culture in Healthcare Settings

CDC Course No. 2022-XXXX – NIOSH Pub. No. 2022-122a safe and healthful work environment.

This course provides science and evidence-based information for healthcare workers with a focus on six competencies designed to increase knowledge about work-related hazards and address organizational and personal strategies to promote a safe and healthful work environment.


  1. Define an effective safety culture in healthcare settings and factors that help to create a culture of safety.
  2. Identify common healthcare work-related risks and hazards that can result in worker injury and/or illness.
  3. Describe strategies for the prevention, reduction, and control of work-related injury and illness in healthcare settings.
  4. Describe leadership’s role in establishing, applying, and sustaining a safe work environment.
  5. Identify employer and employee legal and ethical roles and responsibilities that promote and maintain safe working conditions.
  6. Utilize resources that can assist healthcare workers with maintaining a safe and healthful job and work environment.

There are five knowledge modules each 20-30 minutes long along with a list of resources that healthcare workers can utilize. Upon successful completion of all five modules in the course, participants will receive a certificate and continuing education credits. Note: If you must stop before the end of the course, be sure to remember the module number and section where you stop so you do not have to start the course from the beginning when returning.

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