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1. A very dark, quiet, cool room helps you sleep better.

2. Blinds block out light adequately for sleeping during daylight hours.

3. The only sure way to get rid of sleepiness is to get some sleep.

4. If you have trouble sleeping when on shift work, the best strategy is to use sleeping medications to go to sleep and stimulant medications to stay awake.

5. Coffee and other caffeinated beverages reach peak alerting effect 5 minutes after consumption.

6. When working night shift, increasing your exposure to light during the end of the night shift will help you fall asleep quicker when you get home.

7. Eating a large meal before bedtime is an effective strategy to facilitate sleep.

8. Manipulation of light exposure may help your circadian rhythms adjust to permanent shift work schedules.

9. Watching TV is an effective strategy to facilitate the onset of sleep.

10. Taking alcohol at bedtime is an effective coping strategy for individuals who have trouble falling asleep.

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