About the Training Program

Each training module takes about 5 to 20 minutes to review. To navigate through the training program, swipe left or right or use the left and right arrow icons at the bottom of each page. The circle icon in the upper left corner opens a menu navigation panel with a table of contents. In this panel, you can click '+' to see the topics under each heading and click '>' to jump to other parts of the training. Some headings in the left panel include more than one screen. To avoid missing any content, swipe the screen or use the left and right arrow icons to navigate through the pages of the training.

The training gives definitions for words that might not be familiar. Touch or tap the words in blue font and a tooltip window will appear with a definition.

At the end of most modules, there is a quiz with questions and answers that will review some of the important points. These quizzes will give you feedback for any items that you miss, but the number of correct answers is not used for scoring or for any other purpose. The source of the information in the text is indicated by citation numbers that correspond with a list of references at the end of each module.

You can take the training modules at your convenience. You do not have to complete the training in one block of time. If you leave the training before completing it, make a note of the Module and page number so you can resume it where you left off at another time.

If you are very busy, please start with Part 2, which discusses the strategies to reduce risks. When you have more time, you can take Part 1 to understand the risks and why these occur.