Top Reasons to Create a New Pathway for a Safer and Healthier Workforce

[Picture of bandage and picture of coffin with crossbones]
Annually, employers report nearly 4 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses, and over 55,000 deaths from work-related injuries and illnesses.

[Picture of three linked circles containing piggybank, thermometer, and gear]
The health of workers is tied to the financial health and productivity of organizations.

[Picture of 32 figures each representing 10 million. 16 out of 32 figures are highlighted orange to represent those with chronic health conditions]
Nearly 50% of Americans have one chronic health condition. And, of this group almost half have multiple conditions.

[A map of the United States shows the prevalence of self-reported obesity among adults in 2012. In 14 of the states, which are highlighted in bright red, at least 30% of the population has reported themselves to be obese. In 27 states, 25-29% of the population is obese. In 9 states, 20-24% of the population is obese. There are no states that have an obesity prevalence of 19% or less. Obesity is a problem that affects many Americans.]
The estimated annual health cost of obesity in the U.S. is 147 billion dollars.

[Four figures depicting different types of work are outlined in blue. One is shaded dark blue.]
By 2020, one in four American workers will be 55 years of age or older.

[Picture of a man in gray bearing the burden of a gray and orange piechart on his shoulders showing 44%]
In 2010, 44% of Americans reported that work is often or always stressful.

[Picture of an office building with various icons pointing to the workplace that include: no smoking sign, icon of man climbing or running, hearing protection, telephone, office chair, and food]
With access to 65% of the U.S. adult population, workplaces are effective settings for addressing individual health and the health of communities.

[Four silhouettes of pairs are depicted. Two out of these four pairs are shaded dark blue. The pairs include: an adult kicking a ball with a child, an adult pushing someone in a wheelchair, an adult kneeling in front of a child, and an adult caring after a child in a stroller.]
Up to 50% of employees report that work regularly interferes with responsibilities at home and keeps them from spending time with their families.

[Picture of a blue suitcase, sunhat, palm leaves, starfish, and sunglasses]
And, 40% of employees do not take their allotted vacation time.

[Silhouette of man lying in hospital bed, with an IV next to him]
Worker’s risk of disease may be increased by exposure to both occupational hazards and individual risk-related behaviors.

In 2012, U.S. healthcare spending reached 2.79 trillion dollars.