Pre-Travel Job Planning & Resources

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Small Business may face different conditions, exposures, or hazards at international worksites. A pre-travel conversation between the employer and employee is an important step in preparing for healthy and safe travel. Use the Small Business International Travel Planner to help your employee identify location-specific needs that may require action or planning before departure.


Use the following resources to help your employee identify and plan for exposures and hazards in both the work and home environments specific to each international work location:

  • CDC–Search for important information on vaccines, safe eating and drinking, preventing bug and animal bites, staying safe outdoors, transportation and security, and other important topics to keep you safe and healthy. You will also receive ideas on what to bring in a first aid travel kit.
  • NIOSH–Search for exposures and risks related to your work assignment. Common risks and exposures include chemicals, ergonomics, motor vehicle safety, and hazards in the environment.
Page last reviewed: August 28, 2019