Organization of Work: Taxonomy

Workers putting puzzle pieces together

Organization of Work Taxonomy

Organizational Context

Management structures, supervisory practices, production methods, and human resource policies

  • Organizational restructuring (e.g., downsizing)
  • New quality and process management initiatives (e.g., high performance work systems)
  • Alternative employment arrangements (e.g., contingent labor)
  • Work/life/family programs and flexible work arrangements (e.g., telecommuting)
  • Changes in benefits and compensation systems (e.g., gainsharing)

Work Context

Job and task characteristics

  • Task attributes: temporal aspects, complexity, autonomy, physical and psychological demands, etc.
  • Social-relational aspects of work
  • Worker roles
  • Working hours and schedules
  • Employee development and job security


This Organization of Work Taxonomy was adapted from:

Sauter, SL; Brightwell, WS; Colligan, MJ; et. al. DHHS(NIOSH) 2002-116.