Organization of Work: FastCulture7

Workers putting puzzle pieces together

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Content Area(s)

  • Flexibilization
  • Organizational culture or climate
  • Performance monitoring / incentives
  • Resources (e.g.; infrastructure)
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership practices, customer focus

Instrument Type

Interactive survey for facilitated workgroups

Occupation and Sector Specificity

Occupation(s): Generic

Sector(s): Generic

Name and Size of Work Organization and/or Workplace Psychosocial Measures

Adaptive capacity (6 items)

Customer focus (6 items)

Leadership practices (6 items)

Performance information (6 items)

Strategy/resources (6 items)

Team practices (6 items)

Vision/values (6 items)

Other Content Areas Included in the Instrument


Developmental Status of the Instrument

Development completed. Applied in consulting practice in a small number of work sites. Further refinements are not planned, but these may follow further application or emergence of new research into aspects of workplace performance.


Original: English

Other: No

Reliability and Validity Information (or Relevant Citation)

FastCulture7 was designed as a practical interactive survey for engaging and facilitating work groups in a face to face setting. It maps group experience and provides a vocabulary so groups can identify and diagnose work performance issues, devise practical solutions, then repeat the process over time in a plan-act-learn-improve cycle. The interactive survey method has been in use for consulting purposes since 1996. The FastCulture7 survey has not been evaluated as a quantitative survey. The method is qualitative and geared to support detailed group inquiry and decision making for specific work contexts. In consulting practice, the survey wording may be varied to fit the language, culture or work context of particular client groups.

Selected Reference

No citations

Accessibility of the Instrument

Registration Required

User Fees

The FastCulture7 survey contents can be viewed free at Full package with software platform and manual for interactive group sessions is available for a charge. See for pricing details.

Where to Obtain a Copy of the Instrument

Electronic copies of the survey format are available from Dr Geoff Sharrock, e-mail: