Organization of Work: Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire, 2nd Edition

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Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire (COPSOQ), 2nd Edition AMIs%20sp%C3%B8rgeskema%20om%20 psykisk%20arbejdsmilj%C3%B8.aspx?lang=en

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Content Area(s)

  • Job content
  • Job control
  • Job demands (or expectations)
  • Management style
  • Social supports / relations
  • Job (in)security

Instrument Type


Occupation and Sector Specificity

Occupation(s): Generic

Sector(s): Generic

Name and Size of Work Organization and/or Workplace Psychosocial Measures

Cognitive demands (8 items)

Commitment to the workplace (4 items)

Degree of freedom at work (4 items)

Demands for hiding emotions (2 items)

Emotional demands (3 items)

Feedback at work (2 items)

Influence at work (10 items)

Insecurity at work (4 items)

Job satisfaction (7 items)

Meaning of work (3 items)

Possibilities for development (7 items)

Predictability (2 items)

Quality of leadership (8 items)

Quantitative demands (7 items)

Role clarity (4 items)

Role conflicts (4 items)

Sense of community (3 items)

Sensorial demands (5 items)

Social relations (2 items)

Social support (4 items)

Other Content Areas Included in the Instrument

Mental health measures (2 items)

Physical health measures (2 items)

Personality measures (3 items)

Sense of coherence, behavioral stress (2 items)

Developmental Status of the Instrument

Instrument used widely; well-defined properties.


Original: Danish

Other: English, Norwegian, Swedish, Flemish, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. Other translations anticipated in the future.

Reliability and Validity Information (or Relevant Citation)

Kristensen TS, Hannerz H, Høgh A and Borg V (in press) The Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire (COPSOQ). A tool for the assessment and improvement of the psychosocial work environment. Scand J Work Environ Health.

Selected Reference

Kristensen T, Borg V, Hannerz H (2002) Socioeconomic status and psychosocial work environment: results from a Danish national study. Scand J Public Health, Suppl 59:41-48.

Accessibility of the Instrument

Public Domain

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Where to Obtain a Copy of the Instrument

Send an e-mail to Tage Kristensen at or Vilhelm Borg at