Organization of Work: Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire

Workers putting puzzle pieces together

Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire

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Content Area(s)

  • Management style
  • Leadership style

Instrument Type


Occupation and Sector Specificity

Occupation(s): Generic

Sector(s): Generic

Name and Size of Work Organization and/or Workplace Psychosocial Measures

Leadership style (45 items)

Other Content Areas Included in the Instrument


Developmental Status of the Instrument

Instrument used widely; well-defined properties.


Original: English

Other: Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, English-UK, Thai, Hebrew, Korean, French, Norwegian, Finnish, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, German, Portuguese, Swedish.

Reliability and Validity Information (or Relevant Citation)

Reliability: Coefficient alpha: 0.91 to 0.92.

Antonakis J, Avolio BJ & Sivasubramaniam N (2003) Examining the contextual nature of the nine-factor full range leadership theory using the Multi-factor Leadership Questionnaire. Leadership Quarterly, 14(3):261-295.

Selected Reference

Barling J, Loughlin C & Kelloway EK (2002) Development and test of a model linking safety-specific transformational leadership and occupational safety. Journal of Applied Psychology, 87:488-496.

Accessibility of the Instrument


User Fees

MLQRS Sampler Set $40.00,

MLQRD Duplication Set (150 copies) $120.00, web-based data collection also available for a fee.

Where to Obtain a Copy of the Instrument Avolio, B., Bass, B. & Jung, D. I. (1995). MLQ Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire.’ Technical Report. Palo Alto, CA: Mind Garden.