NIOSH Center for Workers' Compensation Studies (CWCS)

CWCS Staff Profiles

Steve Wurzelbacher

Steve Wurzelbacher is the Director of the CWCS at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). In this role, he coordinates workers’ compensation claim analyses, exposure assessment research, and safety/health intervention effectiveness studies with public and private sector partners. Steve has worked for over 19 years in the safety and health field, as both a researcher at NIOSH and as a risk control practitioner for a workers’ compensation insurer. Steve earned a PhD in Occupational Safety and Ergonomics from the University of Cincinnati, a BS in Chemical Science from Xavier University, is a Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE), and holds the Associate in Risk Management (ARM) designation.




Alysha R. Meyers

Alysha R. Meyers, PhD, CPE is an epidemiologist and ergonomist dedicated to promoting musculoskeletal health. Since 2010, Dr. Meyers has been an epidemiologist in the NIOSH Division of Surveillance, Hazard Evaluations and Field Studies (DSHEFS). Dr. Meyers has been working with the CWCS since its inception. Her main research interests are using workers’ compensation data for occupational safety and health, preventing work-related musculoskeletal disorders, and Total Worker Health®.  Alysha earned a PhD in Occupational and Environmental Health from the University of Iowa and is a CPE.




Chih-Yu Tseng

 Chih-Yu has worked for NIOSH since 1998 and has been involved in CWCS projects since 2013. She became a full-time member of the CWCS team in 2015. She earned her Master of Science degree in Statistics from The Ohio State University. Prior to joining NIOSH, she was a Research Data Analyst at the University of Cincinnati, Department of Environmental Health, Epidemiology and Biostatistics Division. As an IT Specialist, Chih-Yu provides programming, database and data visualization support to research projects. She enjoys working with the team members of CWCS and hopes to continually learn new computer skills in order to fulfill the needs of the growing center.




Libby Moore

Libby Moore is a Health Scientist involved in collaborative studies with workers’ compensation insurers to understand risk control processes and identify evidence-based illness and injury prevention strategies.  Prior to joining NIOSH, Libby worked as a risk control practitioner in the field of workers’ compensation for more than 17 years.  This included providing ergonomics consultation and leading a team of property and casualty engineers providing risk control services to commercial insurance policyholders in the Midwest US.  Libby received a PhD and MA in Experimental Psychology from the University of Cincinnati, and a BA in Psychology from Wittenberg University.




Steve Bertke

Steve Bertke is a Mathematical Statistician involved in planning and providing advice for any statistical analysis methods used in the various studies associated with the NIOSH CWCS. Steve has worked for 8 years in the safety and health field as a statistician at NIOSH. Steve earned a PhD in Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics from the University of Cincinnati.





Xiangyi Duan

Xiangyi Duan is a Health Analytics Fellow at NIOSH. Her main role with the CWCS is to promote better data interpretation by providing data visualization, web design, and geospatial analysis support to internal and external research projects and events. Xiangyi earned her Master of Public Health (MPH) in Environmental & Occupational Health from Drexel University, and a BS from China Pharmaceutical University in Pharmaceutical Administration.




Brian Chin Headshot

Brian Chin

Brian Chin is an Occupational Health Services Fellow in the NIOSH CWCS. His primary role is to improve work disability and return-to-work efforts by examining access, quality, and cost of health care services for injured workers. Brian earned his MS in Industrial Hygiene at the University of Illinois and is currently a PhD candidate in Health Services at the University of Washington, where he is investigating access, utilization, and outcomes of physical therapy services among injured workers with back pain.







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