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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Quality Training

Workplace Violence Prevention for Nurses

CDC Course No. WB4525 – NIOSH Pub. No. 2013-155

This free, interactive course is designed to help healthcare workers better understand the scope and nature of violence in the workplace. Upon successful completion of the course, healthcare professionals can earn continuing education units.

Course modules include:

  • Definition, types, and prevalence
  • Workplace violence consequences
  • Risk factors for type II and III violence
  • Prevention strategies for organizations
  • Prevention strategies for nurses
  • Post event response

By completing the course, healthcare workers will be able to:

  • Identify institutional, environmental, and policy risk factors for workplace violence
  • Recognize behavioral warning signs of violence in individuals
  • Define communication skills used to prevent and manage workplace violence
  • Examine appropriate resources/strategies to support injured healthcare professionals
  • Recognize at least 3 key elements of a comprehensive workplace violence prevention program
  • Identify effective team skills by sharing information effectively, listening and responding to feedback from others, and using simple communication

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