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Research Goals

An important part of the NCPAW’s agenda is to identify goals that need to be addressed with regard to aging-related research and the translation of those findings into useful information and guidance materials. NCPAW’s work falls into the following three areas:

  • Surveillance: Collect, analyze, and interpret health related data with the purpose of better understanding factors related to productive aging. Surveillance is used to describe the nature of occupational safety and health issues, identify priorities for research and intervention, and evaluate trends.
  • Health Effects/Mechanisms of Aging: Identify and characterize mechanisms and health effects of workplace risk factors and protective factors for productive aging in workers across the working life.
  • Evidence-based Practices/Interventions: Examine the effectiveness of actual interventions, communication tools, policies, and practices designed to support workers and improve effectiveness at different points across the working life.

These three areas have been integrated into the NIOSH Strategic Plan. Please check back with us as the NCPAW Team develops specific goals in each of these three areas.

Page last reviewed: April 30, 2018