Oil Spill Response Resources – Staying Safe and Healthy on the Job!


Staying Safe and Healthy on the Job!

Deepwater Horizon Response Workers

  • Pay close attention to safety and health training.
  • Use protective clothing, gloves, footwear and respirators as instructed.
  • If you feel worried, sick or get injured, get medical attention.
  • If you almost get injured, or see any unsafe condition, report that to your supervisor.
  • Drink plenty of water before you come to work and drink water regularly while working.
  • Take rest breaks in shady areas when possible.
  • Pay attention to your stress level and get regular rest.
  • If you wear a respirator and it gets soaked, damaged or becomes hard to breathe through, get another one.
  • Look out for your buddy’s safety and health.
  • Ask your supervisor if you have any safety or health questions.
Page last reviewed: May 15, 2018