About OHSN

OHSN was created to improve the safety and health of healthcare workers. Through OHSN, healthcare facilities use previously collected worker injury and exposure information to identify problems and monitor interventions.

The system can examine three types of injuries (patient handling; slips, trips and falls; and workplace violence) and exposures to blood or body fluids (from sharps injuries or other types of exposures to blood/body fluids). Occupational health nurses and medical directors helped develop OHSN to ensure the system was designed to meet the needs of its users.

How OHSN Benefits

OHSN was created to make healthcare facilities safer by

  • Identifying the most common traumatic injuries and hazardous exposures and how they occurred in a facility.
  • Tracking injury and exposure trends over time.
  • Objectively measuring the impact of a facility’s interventions by monitoring trends over time.
  • Providing access to intervention tools developed by NIOSH and other OHSN participating facilities.
  • Generating injury and exposure data reports to meet OSHA regulatory and Joint Commission accreditation requirements.
Page last reviewed: July 5, 2018