Impact of OHSN

Learn how OHSN directly benefits occupational health nurses, medical directors, and employees across the country. Hear what some of our participants and supporters like about OHSN, and how it makes improving worker safety easier and more effective.

  • For Healthcare Workers
    OHSN will help improve your workplace safety by monitoring the most common injuries and exposures at your facility. OHSN can be used to identify what, where, and how injuries and exposures occur most often.  Your managers can use OHSN to identify and address safety concerns occurring among staff. OHSN is meant to help protect YOU, first and foremost.
  • For Occupational Health Nurses
    OHSN will make injury and exposure tracking and reporting easier for you. Your facility may already monitor injuries and exposures, but OHSN takes your data a step further, giving you the tools to monitor trends over time, guide interventions, and measure impact. OHSN gives you the ability to analyze your data to see what, where and how injuries and exposures are occurring most frequently each month. You can compare these injury rates over time to see if interventions are working. This can all be done using data most facilities already collect. OHSN is meant to improve the safety of your workers, and make your job easier.
  • For Medical Directors and Facility Management
    OHSN will make it easier for your facility to provide timely and customized reports and information needed to meet OSHA regulatory and Joint Commission accreditation requirements. Using the OHSN reporting feature, your facility can produce a report within minutes that visually depicts your facility’s progress in addressing its most prominent workplace safety and health concerns. It is an innovative tool that helps ensure your facility is a safe work environment.
Page last reviewed: April 22, 2016