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  • Standard Occupational Data Architecture (SODA)  2.0Cdc-pdf
    The SODA is the OHSN dictionary of standard terms for personnel titles, department names, et cetera. It is meant to help make the mapping process easier (matching your hospital’s terms to those terms used in OHSN). It includes lists and descriptions of commonly used terms for healthcare locations/occupations and matches them to the corresponding OHSN term/code. It can be referenced while you are using the OHSN Conversion Tool to map your local terms to the OHSN “Common Language”.

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For Software Vendors

Software vendors

  • OHSN Software Compatibility Kit – Designed for software developers, vendors, and internal IT staff who wish to make behind-the-scenes adaptations to facilitate participation in OHSN. The kit provides the following tools to make existing commercial or custom developed software OHSN-compatible: an overview document; the SODA file, outlining the data formats used by the NIOSH Standard Occupational Data Architecture (SODA) for collecting data for OHSN; and sample source code for converting Excel files to SODA xml format.

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