Noise and Occupational Hearing Loss

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NIOSH Sound Level Meter App

The NIOSH Sound Level Meter app can measure workplace noise to determine if workers may experience hazardous noise exposure. The free app combines the best features of professional sound levels meters and noise dosimeters into one simple tool. The app was created to empower people to test noise levels in their workplace, make informed decisions about noise exposure, and prevent occupational hearing loss.

Key Features

  • Developed by experienced acoustics engineers and hearing loss experts.
  • Tested and validated.
  • Free to download.
  • Provides an accurate measurement of noise levels using any iOS device.
  • Provides informational screens on hazardous noise levels, conducting noise measurements, selecting a hearing protector, and hearing loss guidelines.
  • Provides the most relevant metrics found in professional sound instruments today.
  • Connects to technical support from NIOSH hearing experts.

Technical Specifications

  • Accurate within ± 2 dBA; tested according to standards in a reverberant chamber at the NIOSH acoustics laboratory.
  • Meets Type 2 requirements of IEC 61672:3 SLM standard when used with calibrated external microphone.
  • Includes multiple metrics, including averages such as LAeq and TWA, Max and Peak Levels, Noise Dose and Projected Dose according to NIOSH and OSHA standards, and all three major weighting networks (A, C, and Z).
  • Capability to calibrate either internal or external microphone.
  • Ability to report and share data.
  • Only available on iOS devices. Verifying the accuracy and functionality of an Android-based app is not currently possible in the NIOSH lab.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)s