Heat Stress - Additional Resources

Other Government Resources

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Safety and Health Topics: Heat StressExternal
Provides a guide to information regarding the recognition, evaluation, control, and compliance actions involving heat stress.

OSHA’s Campaign to Prevent Heat Illness in Outdoor WorkersExternal
OSHA’s nationwide Heat Illness Prevention Campaign aims to raise awareness and teach workers and employers about the dangers of working in hot weather and provide valuable resources to address these concerns.

OSHA Technical Manual Section III: Chapter 4 – Heat StressExternal
Provides descriptions of heat disorders, investigative guidelines, sampling methods, control, and PPE.


OSHA Quick Card: Heat StressCdc-pdfExternal
Provides heat stress factors, symptoms, prevention tips, and first aid recommendations.

OSHA Fact Sheet: Protecting Workers from Effects of HeatCdc-pdfExternal

Provides information that will help workers understand what heat stress is, how it may affect their health and safety, and how it can be prevented.

OSHA Fact Sheet: Working Outdoors in Warm ClimatesCdc-pdfExternal

Hot summer months pose special hazards for outdoor workers who must protect themselves against heat, sun exposure, and other hazards. Employers and employees should know the potential hazards in their workplaces and how to manage them.

NOAA: NWS Heat Safety TipsExternal
Provides general information regarding the recognition and control of heat stress.

Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA): Heat Stress – What to Do.External
Provides documents related to heat stress in the mining industry.

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA): Wildland Fire Safety – Heat StressExternal
This brochure focuses on the risks of heat stress, and what the firefighter should do to minimize those risks.

Additional Resources

American National Standards Institute (ANSI) – Ergonomics of the Thermal Environment: Analytical Determination and Interpretation of Heat Stress Using Calculation of the Predicted Heat StrainExternal

ANSI – Ergonomics of the Thermal Environment: Medical Supervision of Individuals Exposed to Extreme Hot or Cold EnvironmentsExternal

ANSI – Hot environments: Estimation of the Heat Stress on Working Man, Based on the WBGT-index (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature)External


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