Seasonal Flu in the Workplace: Transmission Research

Man Sneezing into tissue

NIOSH Activities: Influenza Transmission Research

The Infectious Disease Transmission Program within the Health Effects Laboratory Division (HELD) at NIOSH is focused on understanding aerosol transmission of the influenza virus in healthcare settings. The amount of airborne infectious influenza virus in the environment that could potentially be inhaled by uninfected individuals is a key factor governing transmission. NIOSH research on influenza transmission develops improved methodologies to detect and determine the viability of airborne virus and then uses these methodologies to assess viable viruses in public locations such as healthcare facilities. The knowledge gained from these studies will address specific NIOSH research goals to reduce or eliminate transmission of infectious diseases in healthcare settings among workers in the Healthcare and Social Assistance sector. This research also addresses recommendations made in 2009 by the Institute of Medicine (IOM)external icon for research to “resolve the unanswered questions regarding the relative contribution of various routes of influenza transmission…”.

NIOSH Influenza-related Transmission Activities

Page last reviewed: March 28, 2018