Seasonal Flu in the Workplace: Guidance

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Guidance for Preventing Seasonal Influenza in the Workplace

This page includes links to websites with information about protecting workers from seasonal flu. While each workplace is unique, and a worker’s risk for job-related exposure to flu can vary widely depending on the nature of their job, workplaces should:

CDC/NIOSH Workplace Guidance

CDC Prevention Strategies for Seasonal Influenza in Healthcare Settings

CDC Seasonal Flu Information for Businesses and Employees

Seasonal Flu Information for Schools & Childcare Providers

CDC Guidance for Commercial Aircraft Operators

Influenza Vaccination Information for Health Care Workers

Other Guidance

Note: Links to Web sites external to NIOSH do not constitute endorsement of the organizations or their programs or products. NIOSH is not responsible for the content of these Web sites.

H1N1 & Higher Ed Lessons Learned: Pandemic Influenza Tools, Tips, and Takeaways from the Big 10 2 Universities

Occupational Safety and Health Administration seasonal flu website

The Joint Commission Report: Implementing Hospital Respiratory Protection Programs: Strategies from the Field