Fishing Safety Research Projects

An image of a NIOSH researcher posing for photo in front of a Bering Sea crab vessel in Dutch Harbor, AK

Current Research Projects

  • Epidemiology and Engineering Safety for Fishing in Alaska
    The objective of this study is to prevent fatalities and injuries by creating fishery-specific interventions for the highest risk fisheries in the country following the approach taken in Alaska. This project engages fishermen, the United States Coast Guard, and marine safety advocates to develop, pilot, and evaluate fishery-specific interventions. Hazards of particular concern have been identified through surveillance and include falls overboard and winch entanglements in the Gulf of Mexico shrimp fishery and fatalities due to vessel losses in the scallop, groundfish, and Dungeness crab fisheries. This project also continues to refine surveillance to include the review of non-fatal injuries, which are costly for the industry.
  • Reducing Commercial Fishing Fatalities in High Risk Fleets
    Ten commercial fishermen died along the West Coast and in Alaska in 6 incidents in March 2012. Causes of these fatalities were falling overboard, rapid vessel sinking, and deck injuries. Many of these deaths were preventable had the fishermen been aware of simple solutions to address the hazards in their industry. Additionally, recent surveillance of national fishing fatalities has shown a number of winch entanglement injuries and fatalities among shrimp fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Coast Guard requested that NIOSH look into ways of reducing the winch hazards faced by this fishery.

Upcoming Research Projects

  • Reducing Loss of Life in the Fishing Industry through the Prevention of Vessel Disasters

Past Research Projects

  • Injury Prevention in the Commercial Fishing Industry
  • NORA Applying Safety Research and Design to the Fishing Industry
  • NORA Commercial Fishing Fatalities Risk Factors and Prevention Strategies
  • NORA Reducing Fatalities Due to Falls Overboard
  • NORA Deck Machinery Hazards Research and Development
  • Enhancing Tech Transfer in Commercial Fishing with Social Marketing (PHP)
  • Technology Transfer to Improve Safety in the Fishing Industry
  • Improving Stability of Commercial Fishing Vessels
Page last reviewed: December 21, 2016