A tablet computer displays a mock template for a partial patient medical record including the patient’s work information.

Resources and Tools

Occupational Data for Health Information Model

NIOSH prepared a relational information model describing Occupational Data for Health (ODH), the most important data elements associated with work (including industry and occupation) that are useful in supporting public health and patient care. The information model can be used by EHR developers to understand the data requirements for industry, occupation and other useful work information that healthcare organizations may want to collect or allow patients to enter. This tool will allow for modification of an EHR system to accommodate all preferred ODH, eliminating the need for modifying an EHR multiple times.

Consolidated Data Architecture (CDA) Template

NIOSH partnered with the Public Health Data Standards Consortium (PHDSC) to develop a reusable Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) standard template for occupational data for health, including industry and occupation data. The template is designed to fit within the existing social history section of an EHR for modularized, longitudinal application across various clinical settings and domains to structure and collect occupational information in a manner relevant to assessing health concerns. It was published as a Draft Standard for Trial Implementation as part of the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) Healthy Weight profile11 and was demonstrated at the 2014 Public Health Informatics Conference. It is being raised for incorporation in the consolidated CDA (C-CDA) standard at Health Level 7 International (HL7). This template will ensure consistency within existing and future data exchange standards.

Industry and Occupation in Electronic Health Records factsheet

This one-page factsheet explains the utility of industry and occupation information from EHRs for public health purposes, particularly for public health departments.

Industry and Occupational Classification Systems

This document describes and contrasts the most popular standard classification systems for industry and occupation data, and presents the rationale for the NIOSH recommendation to code patient industry and occupation data with the CDC_Census system.

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