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Buy Quiet Posters


Buy Quiet addresses the vision of eliminating noise hazards early in the life cycle of power tools and equipment, thus reducing the risk of occupational hearing loss among operators and nearby workers. Companies are encouraged to implement Buy Quiet within their organization. Any company whose workers are subjected to hazardous noise exposures can benefit from Buy Quiet initiatives.

An ideal Buy Quiet program includes educational materials and promotional tools designed to help inform employees, management, customers, and the community about the importance and benefits of Buy Quiet. NIOSH developed a series of posters for construction companies to post at their worksites to communicate their organization’s efforts and commitment to reducing noise levels in and around those worksites. Download and print these posters for your construction worksite.

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NIOSH Poster update


Buy Quiet Poster - English version


Buy Quiet poster - Spanish version
  1. Buy Quiet Poster [PDF – 265K]
  2. Hearing Loss is Preventable [PDF – 9M]
  3. La Perdida Auditiva Es Evitable [PDF – 9M]


Buy Quiet Process poster
  1. Buy Quiet Process [PDF – 2M]