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Indiana State Department of HealthExternal

Covers: Tattoos; Tattoo and Body Piercing Facilities


In 1997, Indiana Code 16-19-3-4.1 required the Indiana State Department of Health to adopt rules to regulate the sanitary operation of tattoo parlors. The rule, 410 IAC 1-5, became law on June 12, 1998, and was readopted July 21, 2004.

The rule, 410 IAC 1-5 Sanitary Operations of Tattoo Parlors includes requirements for the sanitary operations of body piercing facilities).

Indiana State Department of Health: Tattoo and Body PiercingExternal

Guide for Sanitary Operation of Tattoo and Body Piercing Facilities in Indiana, March 2001Cdc-pdfExternal [PDF 688 KB, 2 pages]

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