Beryllium Research Highlights


Beryllium Research Highlights

Since 1998, NIOSH and Brush Wellman Inc. (now Materion), the largest US producer of beryllium and beryllium products, have collaborated on research focused on beryllium and its associated health effects. This research program comprises medical surveillance of current Brush Wellman workers, and studies of airborne and dermal beryllium exposure. In addition to the collaborative work, NIOSH has a complementary but independent research program focused upon understanding genetic factors associated with beryllium sensitization and disease, as well as medical surveillance of some former Brush Wellman workers.

These newsletters were written for current and former beryllium industry workers who participated in our beryllium research program, and provide information about completed studies, current research findings, and future activities to those participants.

Issue 3, May 2008
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(11×17 paper, landscape, and double-sided)

Issue 2, July 2005pdf icon

Issue 1, June 2003pdf icon

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