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National Agricultural Workers Survey (NAWS)

Hired Crop Worker Injury Percentage Distribution Tables

The NAWS occupational injury data for hired crop workers 14 years and older on crop operations in the US include information such as sex and age of the injured crop workers, the nature of the injury, body part injured, the source of the injury, and the type of injury event. Hired crop workers are included in the survey regardless of worker documentation status. The injury percentage distributions are for the national level (all states are included except Alaska and Hawaii). Confidence intervals were calculated using SAS survey procedures to take into account the multi-stage sampling design.

Weighted percentage distribution of hired crop worker injuries on US farms by:

Sex (pdfpdf icon, excelexcel icon)
Age group (pdfpdf icon, excelexcel icon)
Nature of injury (pdfpdf icon, excelexcel icon)
Body part injured (pdfpdf icon, excelexcel icon)
Source of injury (pdfpdf icon, excelexcel icon)
Type of injury event (pdfpdf icon, excelexcel icon)
Years of farm work experience (pdfpdf icon, excelexcel icon)

Page last reviewed: September 16, 2019