Adult Blood Lead Epidemiology and Surveillance (ABLES)

New Jersey

New Jersey

Please note that these contacts are able to assist with work-related lead exposure questions only. If you have other public health-related questions, please contact the CDC Infoline at 800-CDC-INFO (800-232-4636).

State Contact:

Marija Borjan, PhD, MPH
Research Scientist II
New Jersey Department of Health
Occupational Health Surveillance Unit
135 East State St.
P.O. Box 369, Trenton, NJ 08625-0369
Phone: 609-913-5105
Fax: 609-826-4983

General Information Telephone: (609) 826-4984

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Available Publications

The following can be requested from the address above. Many are available on-line.

  • Don’t Take Lead Dust Home from Work !⁄!No Lleva a Casa Polvo de Plomo!
  • El Standard OSHA Para Plomo
  • Important Information for Contractors and Workers about Lead Paint Hazards
  • Lead Exposure in General Industry (set of five fact sheets)
  • Monitoring Protocols for Inorganic Lead
  • New Jersey ABLES report 1986-1996
  • New Jersey Right to Know Hazardous Substance Fact Sheets on lead, lead acetate, lead arsenate, lead arsenite, lead azide, lead chloride, lead chromate, lead cyanide, lead dioxide, lead fluoborate, lead fluoride, lead iodide, lead nitrate, lead phosphate, lead stearate, lead subacetate, lead sulfide, lead sulphate, lead thiocyanate, tetraethyl lead, tetramethyld lead
  • “Occupational Health Surveillance Update,” Special issue on Lead, April 2002
  • Organic Lead Compounds and Your Health
  • Water Tower Lead Health Hazard Alert
  • What Physicians Need to Know about Occupational Lead Exposure
  • What Workers Need to Know about Occupational Lead Exposure
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