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PMRs for Services Sector
by Site 1985-1998

The PMR Charts and Tables query system offers the researcher quick access to selected chronic disease PMRs for 1985-1998 by selected industries or sub sectors. Over 3000 charts display PMRs for chronic disease by industry sectors and industry PMRs for site-specific chronic disease. Twenty-two site-specific cancers and 17 cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, diabetes, and renal disease multiple cause PMRs are presented for the largest fifteen industries in each of eight sectors: agriculture, forestry, fishing; mining; construction; manufacturing, wholesale & retail trade; transportation, warehousing & utilities; healthcare & social assistance; and services.


PMRs for Services Sector by Disease

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Cancer Chronic Disease
Summary Table Proportionate Cancer Mortality by Industry 1985-1998 Summary Table Proportionate  Mortality for Cardiovascular                        Disease by Industry 1985-1998

All Cancer Mortality

Site-specific All Cancer Mortality by Industry 1985-1998 Services Sector Neurodegenerative Disease   Services Sector 1985-1998

Oral & Pharyngeal Cancer

Oral & Pharyngeal Cancer by Industry 1985-1998

Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease

Dementia & Alzheimer's Disease 1985-1998

Esophageal Cancer

Esophagus Cancer by Industry 1985-1998

Arteriosclerotic Dementia

Arteriosclerotic Dementia Industry 1985-1998

Stomach Cancer

Site-specific Stomach Cancer by Industry 1985-1998

Parkinson’s Disease

  Agriculture Services Industry 1985-1998

Colon & Rectal Cancer

Site-specific Colon & Rectal Cancer by Industry 1985-1998

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

  Horticulture Industry 1985-1998

Liver & Intrahepatic Bile Ducts Cancer

Site-specific Liver & Intrahepatic Bile Ducts Cancer by Industry 1985-1998

Multiple Sclerosis

ultiple Sclerosis

Pancreas Cancer

Site-specific Pancreas Cancer by Industry 1985-1998

Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular Diseases

Nasal Cancer

Site-specific Nasal Cancer by Industry 1985-1998

Hypertensive Disease

Hypertensive Disease

Laryngeal Cancer

Site-specific Laryngeal Cancer by Industry 1985-1998

Ischemic Heart Disease

Ischemic Heart Disease

Lung Cancer

Site-specific Pancreas Cancer by Industry 1985-1998

Acute Myocardial Infarction

acute Myocardial Infarction

Pleural & Peritoneal Cancer

Site-specific Pleural & Peritoneal Cancer by Industry 1985-1998

Other Ischemic Heart Disease

Other Ischemic Heart Disease

Malignant Melanoma Cancer

Site-specific Malignant Melanoma Cancer by Industry 1985-1998

Other Forms Of Heart Disease

Other Forms Of Heart Disease

Breast Cancer

Site-specific Breast Cancer by Industry 1985-1998

Cerebrovascular Disease

Cerebrovascular Disease

Prostate Cancer

Site-specific Prostate Cancer by Industry 1985-1998

All Renal Disease

All Renal Disease

Testicular Cancer

Site-specific Testicular Cancer by Industry 1985-1998

Acute Renal Failure

Acute Renal Failure

Bladder Cancer

Site-specific Bladder Cancer by Industry 1985-1998

Chronic Renal Failure

Chronic Renal Failure

Kidney Cancer

Site-specific Kidney Cancer by Industry 1985-1998



Brain & Nervous System Cancer

Site-specific Brain & Nervous System Cancer by Industry 1985-1998    

Thyroid Gland Cancer

Site-specific Thyroid Gland Cancer by Industry 1985-1998    

Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Site-specific Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma by Industry 1985-1998    

Multiple Myeloma

Site-specific Multiple Myeloma by Industry 1985-1998    

All Leukemia

Site-specific All Leukemia by Industry 1985-1998    

Non-chronic Lymphatic Cancer

Site-specific Non-chronic Lymphatic Cancer by Industry 1985-1998    

Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia

Site-specific Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia by Industry 1985-1998    
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