Peer Review: Occupational Exposure to Heat & Hot Environments


NIOSH Scientific Information Quality – Peer Review Agenda


Publication No. 2016-106: NIOSH Criteria for a Recommended Standard: Occupational Exposure to Heat and Hot Environments

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Required Elements for Initial Public Posting

Cross-Clearance Agencies: None

Anticipated Date of Dissemination: December 2013

Subject: Occupational exposures to heat and hot environments

Purpose of Planned Report: The draft criteria document provides a critical review of the available scientific literature relating to occupational exposures to heat and hot environments. The document provides recommendations for preventing or limiting occupational exposure to heat and hot environments.

Type of Dissemination: Highly Influential

Timing of Review: December 2013 – February 2014

Primary Disciplines or Expertise: Industrial hygiene; occupational medicine; physiology; health science

Type of Review: Individual

Anticipated Number of Reviewers: 6

Reviewers Selected by: NIOSH

Public Nominations Requested for Reviewers: No

Opportunities for the Public to Comment: Yes

Peer Reviewers Provided with Public Comments Before Their Review: Yes

Peer reviewers

Thomas E. Bernard, PhD
Professor, Department of Environmental and Occupational Health
College of Public Health
University of South Florida
Expertise: heat stress, protective clothing, physiology

Phillip Bishop, MSEd, EdD
Professor, Exercise Science
Dept Exercise Science, Kinesiology
University of Alabama
Expertise: physiology of clothing, thermal physiology, sport performance

Tord Kjellstrom, Med Dr, MME
Environmental and occupational health consultant
Director , Health and Environment International Trust
Mapua, New Zealand
Expertise: climate change, heat events, occupational health, occupational epidemiology

John Muller, MD, MPH, FACOEM
Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center
Expertise: occupational medicine, heat stress

Suzanne Schneider, PhD
Professor Emeritus, Exercise Science
University of New Mexico
Expertise: thermoregulation, exercise physiology

Rosemary K. Sokas, MD, MOH, MSc
Professor, Department of Human Science
School of Nursing and Health Studies
Georgetown University
Expertise: occupational medicine

Charge to Peer Reviewers

  1. Is worker acclimatization clearly explained and presented?
  2. Are there any additional recommendations that should be made?
  3. Is there any additional information on hydration that should be considered?
  4. Are there any additional risk factors for heat-related illnesses that should be discussed?
  5. Are there any additional examples of auxiliary body cooling and protective clothing that should be included?
  6. Are there any additional research needs that should be mentioned?
  7. Are there any additional references that should be included?

Page last reviewed: December 6, 2013