Research to Practice (r2p)

Technology Solutions

Through our research efforts, NIOSH produces new scientific knowledge and practical solutions vital to reducing risks of injury and death in occupational settings and seeks the assistance of commercial partners to move these solutions into practical application and adoption. This is accomplished by granting licenses to parties wishing to further develop, use or commercialize these inventions. NIOSH invites interested parties to review our available technology solutions and contact Kathleen Goedel or the licensing contact noted for each technology with any inquiries or for additional licensing information.

  • Lead Detection Wipes for Potentially Contaminated Surfaces – *please contact for more information.
  • Lead Removal Wipes- *please contact for more information.
  • Mobile Patient Isolation Headboard and Canopy System – *please contact for more information.
  • Ventilated Patient Headboard and Canopy System – *please contact for more information.
Page last reviewed: March 28, 2018