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The Economics of Integrating Injury and Illness Prevention and Health Promotion Programs pdf icon[PDF – 346 KB]external icon
This paper analyzes the relationship between health promotion and injury prevention using an economic framework. In particular, we discuss the concept of synergies, or “spillovers,” between efforts to reduce health risks for both occupational and nonoccupational conditions.

Examining the Value of Integrating Occupational Health and Safety and Health Promotion Programs in the Workplace pdf icon[PDF – 333 KB]external icon
This paper examines the role of worker health as a key contributing factor to increases in workplace productivity, and the emergence of organizational practices that support the integration of occupational health, safety and productivity management programs.

Steps to a Healthier US Workforce: Integrating Occupational Health and Safety and Worksite Health Promotion: State of the Science pdf icon[PDF – 401 KB]external icon
This paper reviews the scientific evidence for coordinating and integrating worksite health promotion and occupational health and safety as a means of enhancing the effectiveness of efforts to promote and protect worker health. The overall aim of this paper is to introduce the parameters for a research agenda aimed at improving worker health through such integrated and coordinated efforts.

Essential Elements of Effective Workplace Programs and Policies for Improving Worker Health and Wellbeing
This document, a key part of the NIOSH Total Worker Health, is intended as a guide for employers and employer-employee partnerships wishing to establish effective workplace programs that sustain and improve worker health.

Worksite Wellness Programs for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention: A Policy Statement From the American Heart Association pdf icon[PDF – 419 KB]external icon
(Journal of the American Heart Association) published online September 30, 2009
This new policy statement by the American Heart Association reflects a comprehensive integrated approach and incorporates the importance of work and the work environment as components of a Work-Site Wellness Program for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention.

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