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NOTE: This page is archived for historical purposes and is no longer being maintained or updated.

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Inputs: National Research Agenda (NORA)

The National Occupational Research Agenda is a partnership program to stimulate innovative research and improved workplace practices. Unveiled in 1996, NORA has become a research framework for NIOSH and the nation. Diverse parties collaborate to identify the most critical issues in workplace safety and health. Partners then work together to develop goals and objectives for addressing these needs.

Stakeholder Input

Many stakeholders submitted comments in 2005 and 2006 outlining their top issues. The stakeholder comments can be searched, viewed and printed. These comments comprise one of the inputs considered by the NORA Sector Councils when drafting their strategic plans for the nation.

Participation in NORA is broad, including stakeholders from universities, large and small businesses, professional societies, government agencies, and worker organizations. Involvement ranges from providing input electronically to volunteering to serve on a Sector Council .

The Partnerships to Advance the National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) public meeting is typically held bi-annually to discuss partnerships and issues of interest to multiple NORA sectors. This meeting is announced in the Federal Register. Send an email to to request more information.

NORA Sector Councils

NORA Sector Councils develop and maintain sector-specific research agendas. In addition, a Cross-Sector Council coordinates priorities that affect multiple sectors and groups of workers. Representing all stakeholders, the councils use an open process to set goals, develop strategies, encourage partnerships, and promote improved workplace practices.

The NORA Traumatic Injury Program has collaborated with a multidisciplinary team of safety researchers and practitioners from NIOSH, industry, labor, academia, and other government agencies to plan and conduct the National Occupational Injury Research Symposium (NOIRS) . NOIRS brings together injury prevention researchers and practitioners to present and discuss new research findings and approaches and is the only national symposium focused on research for the prevention of work-related traumatic injuries. The NORA Traumatic Injury Program team participates in all phases of these meetings, along with NORA sectors and other cross-sector programs.

View more information about NORA Traumatic Injury .