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Outputs: Publications by Sector - Health Care & Social Assistance

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Bloodborne Pathogens

Sharps injuries among hospital workers in Massachusetts, 2008. Findings from the Massachusetts Sharps Injury Surveillance System
Massachusetts Department of Public Health Occupational Health Surveillance Program , 2010:1-26

Blood exposure incidence rates from the North Carolina study of home care and hospice nurses
Leiss JK et al. Am J Ind Med 2009;52:99-104

Safety of surgical personnel: A global concern
Jagger J et al. Lancet 2008;372:1149

Deaths due to bloodborne infections and their sequelae among health-care workers
Luckhaupt SE and Calvert GM. Am J Ind Med 2008;51:812-824

Blood and body fluid exposure risks among health care workers: Results from the Duke Health and Safety Surveillance System
Dement JM et al. Am J Ind Med 2004;46:637-648

Cancer, Reproductive, and Cardiovascular Disease

Demographic, clinical and occupational characteristics associated with early onset of delivery: Findings from the Duke Health and Safety Surveillance System, 2001-2004
Schoenfisch AL et al. Am J Ind Med 2008;51:911-922

Musculoskeletal Disorders

Surveillance of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders in a diverse cohort of workers at a tertiary care medical center
Pompeii LA et al. Am J Ind Med 2008;51:344-356


Acute antimicrobial pesticide-related illnesses among workers in health-care facilities-California, Louisiana, Michigan, and Texas, 2002-2007
MMWR, May 14, 2010/ 59(18):551-556

Nosocomial poisoning associated with emergency department treatment of organophosphate toxicity-Georgia, 2000
MMWR, January 5, 2001/49(51):1156-1158

Respiratory Diseases

Occupational respiratory diseases
Bang KM et al. Occupational Health for Health Care Professionals: Caring for the Carers, Jayakumar G, Jayakumar R, eds, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Malaysian Medical Association 2008:54-72

Health care workers and asthma: 'Occupational asthma' is a risk for nurses
Filios MS and Pechter E. Am J Nurs 2006;106:96

Work-related asthma among health care workers: Surveillance data from California, Massachusetts, Michigan, and New Jersey, 1993-1997
Pechter E et al. Am J Ind Med 2005;47:265-275

Silicosis in dental laboratory technicians-Five states, 1994-2000
MMWR, March 12, 2004/53(9):195-197

Surveillance Programs

Obesity and workers' compensation: Results from the Duke Health and Safety Surveillance System
Ostbye T et al. Arch Intern Med 2007;167:766-773

An integrated comprehensive occupational surveillance system for health care workers
Dement JM et al. Am J Ind Med 2004;45:528-538

Traumatic Injuries

Physical assault among nursing staff employed in acute care
Rodríguez-Acosta RL et al. Work 2010;35:191-200

Burden of injury and illness in health care as documented by surveillance systems
Boiano JM et al. Handbook of Modern Hospital Safety, 2nd edition, Charney W, ed, Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press 2009:2.14-2.47

Work Organization and Stress-Related Disorders

Effective implementation of work-hour limits and systemic improvements
Landrigan CP et al. Jt Comm J Qual Patient Saf 2007;33(11 Suppl 1):19-29

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