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Outputs: Publications by Cross-Sector - Exposure Assessment

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Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing

Conference Proceedings: Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders for Children and Adolescents Working in Agriculture
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication 2004-119 (June 2004)

Exposure to endosulfan in farmers: Two case studies
Brandt VA et al. Am J Ind Med 2001;39:643-649


Field measurement of lead in workplace air and paint chip samples by ultrasonic extraction and portable anodic stripping voltammetry
Sussell A and Ashley K. J Environ Monit 2002;4:156-61

Occupational exposures in seismic retrofitting operations
McKernan JL et al. Appl Occup Environ Hyg 2002:17:75-81

Development of a hazard surveillance methodology for residential construction
McKernan J. Appl Occup Environ Hyg 2000;15:890-895

Task-based assessment of hazards associated with new residential construction
Methner MM et al. Appl Occup Environ Hyg 2000;15:811-819

Identification of potential hazards associated with new residential construction
Methner MM. Appl Occup Environ Hyg 2000;15:189-192


Medical surveillance, exposure registries, and epidemiologic research for workers exposed to nanomaterials
Trout DB and Schulte PA. Toxicology 2010;269:128-135

Current Intelligence Bulletin 60: Interim Guidance for Medical Screening and Hazard Surveillance for Workers Potentially Exposed to Engineered Nanoparticles
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication 2009-116 (February 2009)

Sharpening the focus on occupational safety and health in nanotechnology
Schulte P et al. Scand J Work Environ & Health 2008;34:471-478

Options for occupational health surveillance of workers potentially exposed to engineered nanoparticles: State of the science
Schulte PA et al. J Occup Environ Med 2008;50:517-526

An evaluation of ASTM method P-42-97 for sampling and analysis of metalworking fluids
Glaser RA et al. Appl Occup Environ Hyg 2003;18:825-827

Data supporting a provisional ASTM method for metalworking fluids, part 3. Evaluation of an ASTM method for metalworking fluids in a survey of metalworking facilities
Glaser RA et al. J Test Eval 2002;30:439-451

Metalworking fluid exposures in small machine shops: An overview
Piacitelli GM et al. Am Ind Hyg Assoc J 2001;62:356-370

An evaluation of short-term exposures to metalworking fluids in small machine shops
O'Brien DM et al. Am Ind Hyg Assoc J 2001;62:342-348

Hazard surveillance for industrial magnetic fields: II. Field characteristics from waveform measurements
Bowman JD and Methner MM. Ann Occup Hyg 2000;44:615-633

Hazard surveillance for workplace magnetic fields: I. Walkthrough survey of ambient fields and sources
Methner MM and Bowman JD. Ann Occup Hyg 2000;44:603-614

Comparison of three sampling and analytical methods for the determination of airborne hexavalent chromium
Boiano JM et al. Journal of Environ Monit 2000;2:329-333


Evaluation of two portable lead-monitoring methods at mining sites
Drake PL et al. J Hazard Mater 2003;102:29-38

Injuries, Illnesses, and Hazardous Exposures in the Mining Industry, 1986-1995: A Surveillance Report
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication 2000-117 (May 2000)

Multiple Sectors

Surveillance of fungal allergic sensitization using the fluorescent halogen immunoassay
Green BJ et al. J Med Mycol 2009;19:253-261

Surveillance of occupational noise exposure using OSHA's integrated management information system
Middendorf PJ. Am J Ind Med 2004;46:492-504

Exposure Assessment Methods: Research Needs and Priorities
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication 2002-126 (July 2002)

Development of a national occupational exposure survey and database associated with NIOSH surveillance activities
Boiano JM and Hull RD. Applied Occup Environ Hyg 2001;16:128-134

National Occupational Exposure Survey: Analysis of Management Interview Responses
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication 89-103 (March 1988)


Ocular and respiratory symptoms among lifeguards at a hotel indoor waterpark resort
Dang B et al. Occup Environ Med 2010;52:207-213

Carbon monoxide poisonings resulting from open air exposures to operating motorboats-Lake Havasu City, Arizona, 2003
MMWR, April 23, 2004/53(15):314-318

Lead exposure in Mexican radiator repair workers
Dykeman R et al. Am J Ind Med 2002;41:179-187

HVAC characteristics and occupant health
Sieber WK et al. ASHRAE J 2002;44:49-52

Evaluation of diesel exhaust controls
Roegner K et al. Appl Occup Environ Hyg 2002;17:1-7

Wholesale and Retail Trade

Misclassification of physical work exposures as a design issue for musculoskeletal intervention studies
Gardner LI et al. Scand J Work Environ Health 2000;26:406-413

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