Safe • Skilled • Ready Workforce Program

Program Impact

NIOSH is strongly committed to program evaluation as a way to maximize its contributions to improved occupational safety and health. Regular review of program activities, outputs, and outcomes is essential to demonstrating program performance. The Safe • Skilled • Ready Workforce (SSRW) Program conducts, reviews, and shares program impact in a variety of ways.

Program Performance One-Pager

Program Performance One-Pagers are snapshots of the priorities, strategies, recent accomplishments, and upcoming work of individual NIOSH programs.
Safe • Skilled • Ready Workforce Program Performance One-Pager

Partnership Outcomes

Our partners and stakeholders have achieved a number of outcomes towards our mission of preparing vulnerable workers for safe and healthy work. Here are some examples:

American Federation of Teachers (AFT-CIO) Resolution to Protect Next-Gen Workersexternal icon

In 2017, AFT passed a five-part resolutionexternal icon to advocate for more health and safety training for young people including by developing model state legislation facilitating and supporting new joint labor-management initiatives for OSHA-authorized training and the Youth @ Work—Talking Safety curriculum, and by urging the federal government to expand the reach of these programs to all working-age children in the United States.

American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA)external icon

Preparing the Next Generation of Workers for Safe and Healthy Employment
AIHA members worked with legislators in Texas on the passage of HB 2010pdf iconexternal icon (September 2017) to promote the integration of workplace safety and health education into public schools in the state.

Employment and Training Administration (ETA)external icon

Partnering to Include Foundational OSH Knowledge and Skills as Workplace Competencies
In 2017, the ETA Generic Building Block Model was revised to incorporate foundational workplace health and safety skills based on suggestions from the SSRW Program designed to help protect America’s workforce and create safe, healthy, and productive workplaces.

Labor Occupational Health Program (LOHP)external icon

Preparing Workers with Disabilities for Safe and Healthy Employment
SSRW and LOHP developed Staying Safe at Work, a curriculum for workers with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). SSRW is supporting LOHP efforts to train these vulnerable workers and evaluate the effectiveness of the curriculum.

NOCTIexternal icon

An Online Assessment Tool and Digital Badge for Talking Safety
SSRW worked to develop and test the psychometric properties of an assessment tool for the Youth@Work—Talking Safety curriculum in partnership with the non-profit, NOCTI. The assessment is available nationwide and delivered via a web-based format. Test-takers who pass the assessment receive a NIOSH digital badge.

OSHAexternal icon

Recommended Guidelines for Protecting Temporary Workers
OSHA and NIOSH partnered to develop recommended guidelinespdf iconexternal icon for protecting temporary workers that include practices for staffing agencies and host employers so that they may better protect temporary workers through mutual cooperation and collaboration.

Page last reviewed: January 16, 2019