Safe • Skilled • Ready Workforce Program

Program Goals

Young and contingent workers are employed across several industries and are at risk for a variety of work-related injuries and illnesses. To help these workers be safe and productive at work, the Safe • Skilled • Ready Workforce (SSRW) Program, intersects with several sector and cross-sector programs within the NIOSH Program Portfolio. Ten sector programs represent industrial sectors, and seven cross-sector programs are organized around health and safety outcomes. The SSRW Program is one of the multiple core and specialty programs within the NIOSH Program Portfolio that represent core activities, mandates, special emphasis areas, and methodological approaches. The sector programs intersect with cross-sector programs in a matrix-like fashion, with relevant core and specialty programs playing a supporting role.

This approach allows multiple programs to work towards accomplishing the shared research goals in the NIOSH Strategic Plan. The SSRW Program focuses on the industry sectors that have the high proportion of young and contingent workers and contributes to the following goals:

Sector Intermediate Goal
Construction Reducing:
Healthcare and Social Assistance Reducing:
Manufacturing Reducing:
Oil and Gas Extraction Reducing:
Services Reducing:


Transportation, Warehousing, and Utilities Reducing:


Page last reviewed: January 18, 2019