Program Description

A foreman on the job

The mission of the Small Business Assistance Program is to decrease occupational diseases, injuries, and fatalities in smaller businesses by encouraging and supporting research, outreach, and prevention activities.

The Small Business Assistance Program activities include:

  • Researching the work environment in small businesses and the barriers to prevent workplace illness, injury, and death.
  • Researching the role of intermediaries (such as insurance companies, trade associations, and chambers of commerce) and the best way to partner with them to connect with small businesses.
  • Conducting outreach by giving presentations to small business groups.
  • Fostering international collaborations with other small business safety and health leaders through large scientific conferences and informal networking.
  • Collaborating and providing support (such as translation or outreach) to other NIOSH programs and outside partners that do research that may be helpful to small businesses.
Page last reviewed: January 9, 2019