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	worker wearing respirator, lab worker, lungs

Outputs: Workshops and Conferences

NIOSH Direct-Reading Exposure Assessment Methods (DREAM) Workshop (2008)
The purpose of the workshop was to gather stakeholder input from academia, labor, management, developers, governmental agencies, and manufacturers on the research needs in the area of direct reading methods for assessing occupational exposures.

Application of the ILO International Classification of Radiographs of Pneumoconioses to Digital Chest Radiographic Images (2008)
On March 12–13, 2008, NIOSH hosted a workshop to address issues for classifying digital chest radiographs for patients with pneumoconioses. The international group of scientists in attendance heard from representatives of the International Labour Organization (ILO), NIOSH, and academia. Expert presenters described current and future issues in digital radiography, especially as they relate to classification.

Indoor Chemistry and Health: A Workshop Summary (2006)
NIOSH sponsored a workshop titled "Indoor Chemistry and Health" on 12-15 July 2004 at the University of California-Santa Cruz. Approximately 70 experts from eight countries participated. Objectives included enhancing communications between researchers in indoor chemistry and health professionals, as well as defining a list of priority research needs related to the topic of the workshop. The ultimate challenges in this emerging field are defining exposures to the products of indoor chemistry and developing an understanding of the links between these exposures and various health outcomes. The workshop was a step toward meeting these challenges.

NIOSH B Reader certification program: looking to the future (2004)
NIOSH planned and held an invited scientific workshop on March 5, 2004, to discuss important issues related to radiological surveillance for lung diseases.


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