Mining Program: Sector Description

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Input: Sector Description

Mining provides a large part of the energy and raw materials that feed this Nation’s economy. Copper pipe, concrete, and window glass serve as well known examples of the reliance on minerals in modern society. Less appreciated, but as important, are the hundreds of mined commodities that are an integral and necessary part of everyday products, ranging from medicines and computers to carpet and paper. Coal is a major portion of the country’s energy mix today, as it will likely continue to be in a future hydrogen-based economy. The domestic mining industry also provides strategic minerals that are important for the Nation’s security.

The processes to recover these mineral commodities are among the most demanding and complex in an industrial society, and this inherently dangerous industry has historically had the highest risks of fatality and injury.

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The Industry at a Glance profileexternal icon from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics provides detailed information on employment, wages, productivity, and occupational outlook for the Mining sector.

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