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NOTE: This page is archived for historical purposes and is no longer being maintained or updated.

	miner and tunnel entrance

Outputs: Research to Practice

Historically, NIOSH has been a leader in applying research into workplace solutions that reduce injury and illness. Research to Practice (r2p) is a NIOSH initiative focused on the transfer and translation of research findings, technologies, and information into highly effective prevention practices and products which are adopted in the workplace.

The goal of r2p is to increase workplace use of effective NIOSH and NIOSH-funded research findings. NIOSH continues to work with our partners to focus research on ways to develop effective products, translate research findings into practice, target dissemination efforts, and evaluate and demonstrate the effectiveness of these efforts in improving worker health and safety.


  • Draft ASTM International Standard-WK2307, Standard Specification for Selection of Fiber-Optic Cable and System Components for Use in Natural Gas Pipelines
  • Electric Motor-Driven Mine Equipment and Accessories and High-Voltage Longwall Equipment Standards for Underground Coal Mines
  • Final Draft International Standard IEC 60079-28 Ed. 1.0: Protection of Equipment and Transmission Systems Using Optical Radiation
  • High-Voltage Continuous Mining Machines
  • NFPA 120-Standard for Fire Prevention and Control in Coal Mines
  • NFPA 122-Standard for Fire Prevention and Control in Metal/Nonmetal Mining and Metal Mineral Processing Facilities


Strategic Goal 1 - Reduce Respiratory Diseases
Coal Miner's Chest X-ray Program

Training includes understand the purpose of the NIOSH chest x-ray program and understand the legal rights and responsibilities of the miners, the companies, NIOSH, MSHA, and the medical personnel involved in the program.

Strategic Goal 2 - Reduce Noise-induced Hearing Loss
Wearing Hearing Protection Properly: A 3-D Training Aid for Drillers

Training includes inserting foam earplugs properly, understanding use of both earplugs and earmuffs, Identifying improper use of earmuffs, and recognizing personal responsibility for wearing, hearing protection.

Strategic Goal 4 - Reduce Traumatic Injuries
Raggs and Curly Machine Guarding Computer Based Training

A recent inspection conducted by an insurance company has identified some problems with machine guarding around the mobile conveyor system at a surface coal mine. The superintendent asks that you, a chief mechanic, conduct a more thorough inspection and document your findings.

Strategic Goal 5 - Reduce the Risk of Mine Disasters
I Can't Get Enough Air! - Proper Self-contained Self-rescuer Usage

Training includes mine fire escape strategies/procedures, use of emergency breathing apparatus, Knowledge of sensations experienced when wearing breathing apparatus, and communication.

Focus on Prevention: Conducting a Fire Risk Assessment

Training includes fire hazard identification, risk analysis, and fire prevention.

Mine Emergency Response Interactive Training Simulation (MERITS)

The Mine Emergency Response Interactive Training Simulation (MERITS) provides trainees an opportunity to gain command center experience during a simulated underground coal mine emergency.

Strategic Goal 7 - Surveillance and Emerging Issues
Hazard Recognition Training Program for Underground Limestone

This hazard recognition training program for underground limestone miners was developed by combining the degraded image concept with 3-D slides. It focuses on teaching miners certain techniques for recognizing visual cues in the workplace and using these cues to evaluate mining conditions and hazardous situations.

Toolbox Training for Construction Aggregate Miners

This NIOSH Toolbox Training for Construction Aggregate Miners program contains 52 different modules designed to stimulate safety discussions among your employees.

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