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NOTE: This page is archived for historical purposes and is no longer being maintained or updated.

	miner and tunnel entrance

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Strategic Goal 1 - Reduce Respiratory Diseases
  • Dust Detector Tube Volkwein J; Page S; Dobroski H. U.S. Patent #6,401,520 EP 0 993 599 B1 (granted June, 2002), Australia Patent #738972 (granted January 16, 2002 ).
Strategic Goal 4 - Reduce Traumatic Injuries
  • Alarm System for Detecting Hazards Due to Power Transmission Lines. Sacks HK; Yenchek MR; Homce GT; Cawley JC. U.S Patent #6,600,426 (granted July 29, 2003 )
  • Apparatus and Method for Generating Power Onboard a Hoist Conveyance Beus MJ; Sunderman C; Rains R; Lazenga N. U.S. Patent # 6626267 (granted Sept. 2003).
  • Method and Apparatus for Safety Testing Optical Systems for Hazardous Locations. Dubaniewicz TH; Green GM. | U.S Patent #6,667,801 (granted December 23, 2003 ).
  • Methods and Apparatuses for Detecting a Temperature Increase in an Electrical Insulator. Hudson A. U.S. Patent #6,189,479 (granted Feb. 20, 2001 ).
  • Mobile Machine Hazardous Working Zone Warning System Schiffbauer WH; Ganoe CW. U.S Patent #5,939,986 (granted Aug 17, 1999 ).
  • Non-directional Magnet Field-Based Proximity receiver with Multiple Warning and Machine Shutdown Capability. Schiffbauer WH. U.S. Patent #6,810,353 B2 (granted Oct 26, 2004 ).
  • Ore Pass Inspection System. Miller A; Maricich P; Dorrington C; Schmitz P; Garvey T. CDC No. I-023-98/0 ( United Kingdom - granted Oct. 2003).
  • Traumatic injuries Portable Tester for Determining Gas Content Within a Core Sample. Garcia-F; Schatzel S. U.S. Patent #5,741,959 (granted April 21, 1998 ).
Strategic Goal 5 - Reduce the Risk of Mine Disasters
  • Lighted Line. Conti RS; Chasko LL. U.S. Patent #6,742,909 2004.
Strategic Goal 6 - Reduce Ground Failure Injuries
  • Intrinsically-Safe Roof Hazard Alert Module. Mayercheck W; Brautigam A. U.S. Patent #6,469,619 (granted Oct. 22, 2002 ); Australia Patent #747632 (granted Aug. 29, 2002 ); UK Patent #GB0027883.8 (granted June 3, 2003 ).
  • Method & Apparatus for Monitoring the Thickness of a Coal Rib During Rib Formation. Mowrey G. U.S. Patent #5,500,649 (granted March 19, 1996 ).
  • Method and Apparatus for Load Rate Monitoring. Howie WL; Owens JK. U.S. Patent No. 6,957,166 (granted Oct. 18, 2005 ).
  • Support Apparatus with Stress Measuring Capability. Martin LA; Curtin RP. U.S. Patent #6311564 (granted Nov. 2001); Australia Patent #738265 (granted Jan. 2002); UK Patent #GB2350200 (granted Jan. 2002).


Strategic Goal 1 - Reduce Respiratory Diseases
Clothes Cleaning Process
	Clothes Cleaning Booth

Dirty worker clothing has been identified as a source of exposure to respirable dust. If this respirable dust contains silica it may cause the inhaler to develop Silicosis, an irreversible lung disease. NIOSH and Unimin Corporation, the largest manufacturer of silica sand in the United States , have developed a new method for cleaning dusty work clothes.

Reducing Dust Inside Enclosed Cabs

Many studies have investigated retrofitting older cabs at surface operations with new filtration and pressurization systems. This research has identified a number of significant factors that determine how effective an enclosed cab will be at protecting a worker.

Strategic Goal 2 - Reduce Noise-induced Hearing Loss
How to Wear Soft Foam Earplugs (Roll-Pull-Hold)

To get the best protection from your soft foam earplugs, remember to roll, pull, and hold when putting them in. Use clean hands to keep from getting dirt and germs into your ears!

Strategic Goal 4 - Reduce Traumatic Injuries
HASARD Proximity Warning System
	HASARD Proximity Warning System

NIOSH has developed an active proximity warning system called HASARD (Hazardous Area Signaling and Ranging Device) for warning workers as they approach known dangerous areas around heavy mining equipment and other dangerous work zones.

Hazards In Motion

Hazards In Motion teaches mobile equipment safety for underground miners.

	Hazards In Motion
Handling Explosives in Underground Mines

This video teaches new miners basic safety rules to keep from hurting themselves or others while handling explosives.

Strategic Goal 5 - Reduce the Risk of Mine Disasters
Recovery of Farmington #9: An Interview with Danny Kuhn

This video is designed to acquaint mine rescue personnel with certain aspects of rescue work that are not traditionally taught - the strain caused by continual work under adverse conditions; the problem of "survivor guilt" - being spared the fate of one's deceased buddies; and the possibility that post-traumatic stress can occur during the sometimes lengthy task of body recovery.

You Are My Sunshine

The video "You Are My Sunshine" tells the story of the Sunshine Mine Disaster of 1972 through the eyes of 27 people who lived through it.

Hidden Scars

A story of survival and recovery, Hidden Scars is an interview with veteran hard rock miner Don Capperelli. Don recounts the events surrounding a 1994 rock burst that buried him and his partner, killing his partner and severely injuring him.

Strategic Goal 6 - Reduce Ground Failure Injuries
Make it Safer With Roof Screen

NIOSH has found that most rock fall injuries can be prevented by installing roof screens during the bolting cycle.

Miner Mike Saves the Day! or Ground Support... It's Important!

Winner of the NIOSH 2001 Alice Hamilton Award for Excellence in Educational Materials, Miner Mike Saves The Day exudes both humor and wisdom. Filmed in 6 different underground locations, the video teaches the necessity and use of ground supports.

Rock Falls - Preventing Rock Fall Injuries in Underground Mines

A close companion to Miner Mike Saves The Day, Rock Falls teaches the importance of proper roof scaling in underground mining to avoid injury and improve work conditions.

Zen and the Art of Rockbolting
	Zen and the Art of Rockbolting

Zen and the Art of Rockbolting features a "master miner" who has worked underground for nearly 40 years.

The Sky Is Falling

This video tackles the issue of highwall safety in surface mining and construction. The storyline follows investigative reporter Gerald Rivers on a 5 day special report to substantiate rumors of falling sky in the Western U.S.

Strategic Goal 7 - Surveillance and Emerging Issues
Aggregate Training for the Safety Impaired

This 2003 video follows two new hires through their first week on the job. Ted and Slick have not paid attention in training class and prove to be hazards to themselves as well as everyone around them. In the course of the week, they are fired from four different mines and learn the hard way what can happen if the dangers of surface mining are ignored.


Strategic Goal 1 - Reduce Respiratory Diseases
Air Quantity Estimator (AQE)

The Air Quantity Estimator (AQE) provides a starting point for estimating the air quantity needed to dilute diesel particulate matter (DPM) in an underground large-opening mine.

Strategic Goal 2 - Reduce Noise-induced Hearing Loss
Hearing Loss Simulator (HLSim)

The Hearing Loss Simulator (HLSim) is a Windows® based program that displays a "control panel" for playing sounds while adjusting the simulated effects of noise and aging.

Strategic Goal 3 - Reduce Cumulative Injuries
Vibrational Acceleration Statistical Analysis (VASA)

VASA is a software package that accepts raw ASCII acceleration data and characterizes it utilizing ISO 2631 (1997). The software sorts data into acceleration bands, which can be linked with injury theories. It also calculates the Vibration Dosage Value of the data.

Strategic Goal 5 - Reduce the Risk of Mine Disasters
3+3 SCSR Donning Screen Saver

A screen saver which reviews the steps for donning a SCSR.

Strategic Goal 6 - Reduce Ground Failure Injuries
Analysis of Longwall Pillar Stability ( ALPS )

ALPS (Analysis of Longwall Pillar Stability) is software for designing pillars for longwall mines.

Analysis of Retreat Mining Pillar Stability (ARMPS)

ARMPS (Analysis of Retreat Mining Pillar Stability) is software for designing pillars for room-and-pillar retreat mining.

Analysis of Roof Bolt Systems (ARBS)

ARBS (Analysis of Roof Bolt Systems) is software to aid in the selection of roof bolts for primary support in underground coal mines.

Coal Mine Roof Rating (CMRR)

CMRR (Coal Mine Roof Rating) is software for estimating the relative inherent strength of coal mine roof

Strategic Goal 7 - Surveillance and Emerging Issues
HazCom Helper - MSHA Version

HazCom Helper aids those responsible to write their MSHA HazCom program and for identifying hazardous chemicals on site.

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