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NORA Manufacturing Sector Strategic Goals

927Z8SR - Nanotechnology Surveillance & Epidemiology

Start Date: 10/1/2006
End Date: 9/30/2009

Principal Investigator (PI)
Name: Paul Schulte
Phone: 513-533-8302
Organization: NIOSH
Sub-Unit: EID
Funded By: NIOSH

Primary Goal Addressed

Secondary Goal Addressed


Attributed to Manufacturing


Project Description

Short Summary

This project will develop guidance documents on occupational health surveillance for workers exposed to engineered nanoparticles. Additionally, the project will identify minima data needs and issues in developing epidemiological studies of such workers. The resultant documents will be mounted on the NIOSH website for public comment.


This is a project to develop guidance for two documents, one on occupational health surveillance for workers exposed to engineered nanoparticles, and one on minimum data and considerations in conducting epidemiologic studies of such workers. The project will consist of a series of workshops and interactions with stakeholders (such as nanoparticle manufacturers, labor, and academia) to identify concerns and needs for occupational health surveillance. The development of the guidance documents will be informed by review of toxicologic and exposure assessment literature for nanoparticles. Draft documents will be developed and put on the NIOSH website for public comment. After twelve months on the website, the documents will be revised. These will be living documents that will, of necessity, change as new toxicological information is developed.


Prevent occupational illness especially respiratory disease associated with engineered nanoparticles.

Mission Relevance

This project addresses and emerging technology in the manufacturing and other sectors vital to the US economy. It will have a growing number of workers. Since there is the potential that unprotected nanotechnology workers could be at risk of health effects, it is critical that NIOSH conduct research and develop guidance for these workers, their employers and other government agencies. NIOSH received numerous requests from these groups for information and the project is consistent with meeting stakeholder needs.