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NORA Manufacturing Sector Strategic Goals

9278186 - Dev. of Workplace Solutions and Other Publications

Start Date: 10/1/1996
End Date: 9/30/2012

Principal Investigator (PI)
Name: Susan Afanuh
Phone: 513-533-8345
Organization: NIOSH
Sub-Unit: EID
Funded By: NIOSH

Primary Goal Addressed

Secondary Goal Addressed

Attributed to Manufacturing


Project Description

Short Summary

This project fulfills the NIOSH mission of disseminating information on how to reduce injury and illness in the workplace, and fulfills r2p goals of translating research into practice for safety and health professionals, employers, and workers through easy-touse recommendations.

Each document contributes to fulfilling one of the NORA goals in various Sectors and Cross Sector Areas, such as construction, health care, services, etc.

Since the project began, 24 Workplace Solutions documents have been published, posted on the Web site, and distributed.


The NIOSH mission requires the dissemination of information to reduce injury and illness in the workplace. Information and recommendations about how to reduce injuries and illnesses need to be easily accessible to workers and employers, especially small business owners. Much research shows that these populations prefer and will more readily use material that is in an easy to read format. The documents produced through this project are 2-4 page user-friendly publications that clearly identify hazards and present recommendations for hazard control that are directly applicable to employers and workers in small businesses.

This project is ongoing; it involves researching recently published NIOSH-authored articles or field studies to see which ones fulfill NORA goals and can be translated into Workplace Solutions documents. At least 5 documents should be initiated and or published per year, and posted on the Web and/or printed

Mission Relevance

Much NIOSH research with recommendations that are useful to workers has been published in academic journals, which may not be easily accessible to workers or small business owners.

No surveillance system will be used; documents will be developed based on proposals from various divisions, or on articles published by NIOSH authors in peer-reviewed journals

For small business owners and workers, Workplace Solutions documents are easier to access than articles in academic journals. These documents are written in a user-friendly, easy to read format.