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NORA Manufacturing Sector Strategic Goals

What is this site?

This site provides a list of the Strategic Goals that make up the NORA National Manufacturing Agenda. The status buttons tell you if there are projects underway related to that goal. A green circle indicates that there is at least one project addressing a Strategic Goal. A red triangle indicates that there is no work underway on that goal. You can drill down by clicking on each goal. Clicking on the Strategic Goal brings you to the underlying Research and Research-to-Practice Goals. Clicking on each project provides you with contact information for the researcher and a short description of the project. A listing of current non-goal related manufacturing projects is also attached.

How complete is it?

This 2009 version is being launched with Intramural NIOSH projects listed. Some of the projects included predate the NORA Manufacturing goals but are relevant to the goals. Additional Extramural projects will be added at a later date. Additional descriptions of Research-to-Practice efforts being led by various manufacturing stakeholders will also be added at a later date. We will update the site as new projects come on line.

How can Manufacturing practitioners use it?

The site provides a way for interested manufacturing organizations to identify the researchers working on a goal-related topic. Manufacturing organizations may want to participate in research or they may want to develop Research-to-Practice products from research results. This can facilitate their participation in NORA-related activities.

How can researchers use it?

The site provides a way for interested researchers to identify research gaps for development of new research proposals. Also, it provides a way for researchers to identify other researchers who are working on topics related to a particular strategic goal to facilitate collaboration.

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