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NORA Manufacturing Sector Strategic Goals

Goal 9.0: Enhance the state of knowledge related to emerging risks to occupational safety and health in manufacturing.

Projects for Goal 9.0

Project Title % Attributed to Manufacturing
Estimating the Economic Burden of Job Stress - A Pilot Study 50%
Nanotechnology Field Studies 100%
CDC Foundation-API 50%
CDC Foundation-API 50%
Occupational-Related Risk Factors and Cardiovascular Disease 50%
Acrylamide Worker's Reproductive and Neurological Health 100%
Titanium Dioxide Exposure Assessment 50%
Reproductive Health Assessment of Male Workers 75%
Worker Outreach and Communication/Information Dissemination/Notification 100%
IWSB Research, Development and Planning 50%
Risk Communication and Evaluation of Worker Notification 100%
Nanotechnology Information Dissemination 100%
Manganese-Associated Parkinsonism in Welders: Feasibility 50%
Dermal Effects of Nanoparticles 100%
Evaluation of the Pulmonary Deposition and Translocation of Nanomaterials 100%
Systematic Microvascular Dysfunction Effects of Ultra Fine vs. Fine Particles 100%
Nanoaerosol Monitoring Methods 100%
Global Silica Information Dissemination 100%
Transient dermal exposure: model and experiments 50%
Dermal penetration of metal working fluid components 100%
Pulmonary Toxicity of Metal Oxide Nanospheres and Nanowires 100%
HHE Program Customer Survey 50%
Nanotechnology Surveillance & Epidemiology 100%
Updates to Energy-Related Mortality and Incidence Studies 100%
Nanoscale Reference Materials for Respiratory Disease Prevention 100%
Potential Effects of Silicon-Based Nanowires on Lung Toxicity 100%
Diaceytl Engineering Controls Research 100%
Feasibility of Industry-wide studies of workers exposed to nano-tubes 100%
Neuroinflammation, Glial Signaling and Neurotoxicity 50%
Assessment of Carbonaceous Materials on Mutagenicity 100%
Cell-based Assessment for Iron Nanoparticle-induced Health Risks 100%
Nanoparticle Properties and Mechanisms Causing Lung Fibrosis 100%
Workplace Monitoring for Carbon Nanofibers/Nanotubes 50%
Dustiness of Nanomaterials 2 100%
Current Intelligence Bulletin: Carbon Nanotubes 100%
1-Bromopropane Quantitative Risk Assessment 50%
Exposure Assessment for Toxicologically-Important Chemicals. 100%
Explosivity and Flammability of Carbon Nanotubes (NTRC) 100%
PFOA and PFOS-induced oxidative stress 100%
Characterization of toluene diisocyanate exposure biomarkers 75%
Assessment of Engineered Materials on Respiratory Immunity (NTRC) 100%
Bioassay Screen of Lung Toxicity of Silver Nanoparticles (NTRC) 100%
Toxicological Effects of Aerosolized MWCNT (NTRC) 100%
Mechanism of carbon nanotube-induced aneuploidy (NTRC) 100%
Chemical Exposure Monitor With Indoor Positioning (CEMWIP) 100%
Engineering Controls for Nanomaterial Handling (NTRC) 100%
Respiratory Deposition of Airborne Carbon Nanotubes (NTRC) 100%
Nanoparticle Metrics for Field and Toxicity Studies (NTRC) 100%
International Coordination of Nanoscale Reference Materials (NTRC) 100%
Factors Affecting Exposure to Engineered Nanomaterials (NTRC) 100%
Efficacy of NIOSH Method 0600 for Fine and Ultrafine Titanium Dioxide (NTRC) 100%
Applying PtD to the Safe Handling of Engineered Nanomaterials 100%
Research Efforts in Support of the NIOSH Skin Notation Project 50%
021H: An Integrated Approach Toward Understanding the Toxicity of Inhaled Nanomaterials (9448) 100%

Extramural Projects for Goal 9.0

Project Title % Attributed to Manufacturing
8875: Carbon Nanotube Biodegradation by Neutrophil Myeloperoxidase (8282) 100%