Manufacturing Program: Impact

Program Impact

NIOSH is strongly committed to program evaluation as a way to maximize its contributions to improved occupational safety and health. Regular review of program activities, outputs, and outcomes is essential to demonstrating program performance. The Manufacturing Program conducts reviews and shares program impact in a variety of ways.

men in white hat at a manufacture plant

Program Performance One-pager

Program Performance One-Pagers (PPOPs) are a snapshot of NIOSH programs’ priorities, strategies used to make progress towards priorities, recent accomplishments, and upcoming work.

Manufacturing Program Performance One-pager

Impact Sheets

Impact Sheets briefly describe an occupational safety or health hazard, the specific NIOSH or NIOSH-funded research activity that was conducted to address the hazard, the resulting impact or recommendations, and relevant statistics.

A story of impact: measuring how well earplugs work.

A story of impact: approaches to safe nanotechnology: document provides guidance to protect nanotechnology workers.

A story of impact: NIOSH researchers developed a novel training tool that simulates the effects of noise exposure on hearing loss.

A story of impact: NIOSH researchers partner with equipment manufacturers and standards committees to protect workers from falls.

A story of impact: prevention of hearing loss

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