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Immune Diseases

Inputs: National Research Agenda (NORA)

Sector-Based Approach

For the past 9 years, the National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) has served as a framework to guide occupational safety and health research--not only for NIOSH, but for the entire occupational safety and health community. Before NORA, no national research agenda existed in the field of occupational safety and health, and no research agenda in any field had captured such broad input and consensus. Approximately 500 participants outside NIOSH provided input into the development of the first agenda.

The second decade of NORA uses a sector-based approach to build on the success of its first decade. Eight sector-based groups were formed by aggregating the 20 North American Industry Classification System sectors according to the similarity of their occupational safety and health issues.

NIOSH and its partners will form eight Sector Research Councils, one for each sector-based group, including participants from academia, industry, labor, and government. Each Sector Research Council will draft a sector-based research agenda consisting of research goals, objectives, and action plans. These agendas will provide guidance to the entire occupational safety and health community for moving research to practice in workplaces. The sector-based research goals, objectives, and action plans will be posted to the NIOSH website for review and comment.

Town Hall Meetings Being Held to Obtain Public Input

NIOSH hosted public meetings to seek input from individuals and organizations on important research issues and agendas. Input from government, business, the worker community, academia, and others is essential for planning the future directions for the eight different industry sector groups. Each meeting was structured to provide an opportunity for regional and multi-sector input during the morning, followed where appropriate by an afternoon session to focus on individual sector issues. The public meetings were open to all workers, professional societies, organized labor, employers, researchers, health professionals, government officials, and elected officials.